We have a range of services to support landlords of both domestic and commercial properties.  We can provide EPC services across your portfolio and are happy to discuss volume pricing.  The Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards place obligations on you to achieve certain standard for the thermal performance of your buildings and the time is right now to plan for forthcoming changes in 2023 and 2025.


Local authorities are expected to enforce MEES more rigorously in the run up to 2023, when all privately rented properties will be expected to have an EPC in place that is EPC rating E or better.


UK Energy Assessors can work with you to plan cost effective improvements to your properties to achieve compliance with MEES and the Private Rental Sector (PRS) regulations.  We can support applications for exemptions and help you to understand what the most cost effective options for you will be on our journey towards net zero carbon.  


If you would like to work with an energy efficiency partner who can help you to plan your approach to compliance with PRS and MEES, manage payback calculations and exemptions, Contact Us today for more information.